Hello everyone, welcome to naturalf00d.com!

My name is Phil and I want to help people so they can live healthier and feel better.  It is needless to  emphasize how important these two factors are for each person’s life.  And all of you can afford exactly  that. You don’t need a lot of money or sacrifice a lot of time for that , you  just need a bit of good will and motivation.

I’ve been  a student with a poor diet,  „surviving“ on  fast food and bakery products for years. My health got worse and i had problems that a 21 year old should not have.  I decided to live healthier, started to train and went to gym.  But I felt like that was not enough.  Qualified trainers and professional staff at the gym told me this : Training is only 20% of success , 80% is proper nutrition. At first I was quite suprised and didn’t accept this fact.  Eventually I decided to gradually change my diet. And now, a year later, I feel better than ever.

I decided to create this website to share tips on healthy eating. Poor nutrition is a major social problem for years, more and more people are eating  unhealthy  food , damaging their health. Take some time and I will reveal to you the healthiest groceries , simple recipes  that you can quickly and easily prepare for yourself, effective natural diets , without any risk for your health.

If you need help or advice about anything, feel free to contact me at any time and I will try to answer you as soon as possible and help as much as possible.

Good luck in accomplishing your goals, eat healthy to live healthy.

Phil, founder of naturalf00d.com